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update : 2023-10-01

Gouri, the collagen revitalization solution, extremely popular among Korean women

Gouri, also known as 'กูริ' in Thai, is the trade name for Liquid PCL, an abbreviation for Polycaprolactone, manufactured in South Korea. It is categorized as a Collagen Simulator.

update : 2023-10-01

Ulthera: Non-Surgical Face Lift Innovation

Everyone desires to look good and youthful at all times. This drives the beauty industry to continually develop various beauty-enhancing solutions. One significant advancement in non-surgical anti-aging treatments that delivers exceptional results is “Ulthera”. Today, let's delve into a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable device.

update : 2023-10-01

Thermage, key to reducing premature wrinkles and achieving instant facial contouring for a beautiful and youthful appearance.

For all the ladies out there facing concerns about sagging and less-than-tight facial skin, Anjali Clinic proudly presents a groundbreaking solution tailored specifically to address these issues: "Thermage" – the epitome of beauty technology designed to effectively combat skin sagging on your face.

update : 2023-10-01

Sculptra invites you to experience age reduction like never before! Our innovative collagen-stimulating formula lasts for up to 2 years!

In the ever-evolving world of beauty enhancement, new contenders are stepping up their game in the beauty market, and Sculptra is one of the standout players this year.

update : 2023-10-01

“Swan Queen Physiognomy” Facial contouring techniques for enhancing the power and fortune only at Anjali Clinic

Is it possible to be full of beauty, fortune and power just by facial contouring? If you believe in Mutelu (supernatural phenomena) and would like to prove it, Anjali Clinic can help you

update : 2023-10-01

If you're considering dermal filler injections for a perfect look, here are 7 things you should know:

we have the most experienced team of experts in facial rejuvenation through dermal fillers. Each member of our medical team has undergone extensive training and has over a decade of hands-on experience perfecting the art of dermal filler injections.

update : 2023-10-01

Tesslift lifting by specialist doctor of Anjali Clinic

Nowadays, there are numerous safe facelift available. However, if you are seeking the utmost clarity in results, Anjali Clinic recommends “Tesslift”, a latest advancement in facelift procedures.

update : 2023-10-01

EXOSOME for Radiant, Nourished, and Youthful Skin – Great Promotions at Anjali Clinic

Anjali Clinic is a pioneer in the field of genuine EXOSOME injections, being one of the first clinics to introduce this innovative option for facial rejuvenation. Our goal is to restore and enhance facial beauty, providing tighter, smoother, and evenly toned skin. It is as if we are taking your face on a journey back to the youthful past.