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“Swan Queen Physiognomy” Facial contouring techniques for enhancing the power and fortune only at Anjali Clinic

Is it possible to be full of beauty, fortune and power just by facial contouring? If you believe in Mutelu (supernatural phenomena) and would like to prove it, Anjali Clinic can help you

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Is it possible to be full of beauty, fortune and power just by facial contouring? If you believe in Mutelu (supernatural phenomena) and would like to prove it, Anjali Clinic can help you

Is it possible to attain beauty, prosperity, and authority solely through facial contouring? If you believe in Mutelu (supernatural phenomena) and wish to prove it, Anjali Clinic is here to assist you. Collaborating with "Master Chang, Tossaporn Sritula", Anjali Clinic has developed the "Swan Queen Physiognomy" program, which combines the art and science of facial contouring with the expertise of ten doctors. Consequently, all our medical professionals at Anjali Clinic possess extensive knowledge of facial reconstruction techniques aligned with medical and physiognomy principles, capable of enhancing both your facial aesthetics and your destiny

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In Chinese wisdom, the 'Swan' is regarded as an auspicious creature symbolizing a potent combination of power, grace, beauty, as well as a hint of fierceness and strength. Consequently, embodying the exquisite physiognomy of the 'Swan Queen' can significantly contribute to the augmentation of one's prospects for success and happiness. The 'Swan Queen Physiognomy Contouring' program is the result of a collaborative effort between Master Chang, Tossporn Sritula, and Doctor Jeab of Anjali Clinic.

Consist of 3 principles, called “3A”

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“ผิวที่สดชื่น เปล่งปลั่งมาพร้อมกับชีวิตที่สดใส”

A1 Aura for a vibrant life.

The possession of radiant and clear body and facial skin is an essential and integral component of the 'Swan Queen Physiognomy'. Having healthy skin, particularly on the face, is pivotal. Furthermore, possessing skin that is smooth, fine-textured, evenly toned, and radiant is crucial. Additionally, the forehead area must have balance width with full of flesh and bright skin. These attributes not only contribute to a favorable professional outlook but also promote smooth career progression. Additionally, they can enhance one's prospects of finding a compatible life partner.

Attain clear and radiant skin through intravenous vitamin drips, delivering swift and safe results. Our Aura program customizes vitamin infusion to address individual needs, ensuring rapid and effective brightening. Aura is the transformative solution for reversing skin blemishes, rendering a smooth and luminous complexion. It rejuvenates your aura, ensuring a vibrant and unblemished life

What does A1 Aura give you?

"Experience the Glow Promotion at Anjali Clinic:

• Enhance radiance and aura.

• Stimulate collagen for supple skin.

• Infuse vitamins and minerals for skin nourishment.

• Achieve 100% cellular vitamin absorption.

• Stay fresh and boost immunity.

• Attain smooth, healthy skin.

• At Anjali Clinic, our doctors cater to every case.

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Skin drip packages start at just 3,000 Baht."

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"Maintaining a youthful complexion contributes to enduring radiance and lasting allure."

A2 Ageless: Enhance sustainable prosperity

Another key aspect of the 'Swan Queen Physiognomy' is achieving overall facial rejuvenation, which brings sustained prosperity to your life.

What does A2 Ageless give you?

  • The eyes must possess the graceful elegance of a swan, conveying an enchanting gaze that captivates. The area around the eyes should be free of sagging, devoid of pronounced crow's feet, and not excessively marked by dark circles. This is because the eyes represent the vigor that reflects one's power, family relationships, and success in life
  • The contour of the lips should not sag or droop downward, as drooping lips are associated with haplessness and can lead to life problems. The lip border should be well-defined, full, and not excessively thick or thin. It should also be free from dryness, cracks, and maintain a sharp, clear definition, resembling the gracefulness of a swan
  • The chin should have a balanced, not overly pointed or excessively short appearance, as this can make your face appear more youthful and also contribute to enhancing the enduring gracefulness of the swan, symbolizing lasting prosperity
  • Tight and minimally wrinkled facial skin, well-hydrated and youthful in appearance.

Enhancing the magnificence by Tesslift

Lifted facial contours, restoring the cheeks to their youthful resilience, stimulating collagen production, achieving a youthful visage, and enhancing facial definition through the Tesslift

  • Facial contouring for a slimmer and tighter appearance.
  • Addressing concerns related to prominent cheek
  • Addressing issues related to the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.
  • Addressing concerns related to sagging and laxity
  • Lifting the tail of the eyebrow and the eye corner.

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Injecting filler at 9 strategic facial points to enhance physiognomy.

The technique of filler injection to enhance the physiognomy is an exclusive offering at Anjali Clinic. Our medical professionals assess the facial structure of each client, tailoring the enhancement to their individual beauty and fortune, with a particular focus on 9 key points.

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Thermage: Lift and firm your facial contours for a refined appearance, ready to receive good fortune

Thermage is one of the skin tightening techniques that addresses sagging and stimulates collagen production. It is a non-invasive skin tightening technology that utilizes High Radio Frequency waves to effectively contour the face. It targets areas of laxity, promoting a more rejuvenated and swan-like appearance, following the principles of Swan Queen Physiognomy.

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"With Anjali Clinic's specialized techniques and the use of the latest-generation thread-lift technology, noticeable results can be observed in just 1 month."

Anjali Clinic's exclusive techniques

offer you more than just 'non-surgical thread lifts.' We provide a Swan Queen Physiognomy-based approach that delivers greater value and longer-lasting results.

  • Tesslift, made from exceptionally robust materials, surpasses other thread types in strength and durability.
  • Provides excellent support for sagging skin.
  • Facial tightening results can last for 1-2 years.
  • Stimulates collagen within the skin.

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Take advantage of our excellent Tesslift promotion at Anjali Clinic. You can send your photo for a free evaluation by our medical professionals! Contact us on Line@: @anjaliclinic (include the @ symbol).

Starting at just 20,000 Baht, experience the benefits of our high-quality Tesslift promotion.

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“Let go of your worries about obstacles

because great physiognomy brings more than halfway of winning.”

A3 Alright: Eliminate every obstacle

According to the Swan Queen Physiognomy, a good facial appearance should be devoid of blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles. These imperfections are likened to obstacles in one's life journey, as each part of the face represents different stages of life. Having blemishes, scars, or wrinkles can impact one's life, especially on the forehead area, if there are wrinkles on the forehead area, it will affect both career and family. However, there's no need to worry because Anjali Clinic can address these concerns with certainty, following the principles of Master Chang Tossaporn Sritula's physiognomy.

What does A3 Alright give you?

In addition to excelling in facial contouring, Anjali Clinic also specializes in skincare, offering effective solutions for acne treatment such as chemical peels using fruit acids or BHA creams with high potency. These treatments aid in skin cell turnover, reduce inflammation, and regulate sebum production, resulting in less oily and smoother skin, free from bothersome acne.

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Treat acne with peeling, starting at just 3,500 Baht.

Enhancing the magnificence with Filler. Facial contouring, facial reconstruction, enhance the physiognomy immediately!

  • Authentic and safe fillers, 100% fully verifiable
  • Tailoring facial contouring to each individual's specific concerns.
  • Enhanced facial symmetry and well-proportioned facial features.
  • Enhanced Swan Queen Physiognomy to your face

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Ready to provide consultation regarding the type and brand of filler according to your preferences.

"If you're interested in reshaping your face with the Swan Queen Physiognomy at Anjali Clinic, we can offer a free evaluation by sending your photos to our medical professionals."

Don't miss our Filler Facial Contouring Promotion at Anjali Clinic. Contact us on Line@: @anjaliclinic (include the @ symbol). Filler facial contouring to address concerns and achieve fuller, revitalized skin starts at just 11,500 Baht.

Eliminating blemishes, wrinkles, and promoting a prosperous complexion with Exosome.

Exosome treatment through effective injection therapy aids in rejuvenation and skin repair, resulting in a more youthful facial appearance. This treatment stimulates fibroblast cells to enhance collagen and elastin production, promoting smoother and finer skin texture. It also reduces wrinkles, tightens pores, elevates acne scars, and brings forth a clear and fortunate complexion.

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Treat acne scars with the Needle RF (Endymed) laser system and witness clear results.

The authentic Needle RF (Endymed) device from the United States is USFDA certified, the highest standard chosen by dermatologists worldwide. This treatment method effectively addresses acne scars and other skin imperfections, including wide pores and uneven skin texture. By utilizing high-frequency RF waves, it promotes skin rejuvenation, tightening, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, in line with the principles of Swan Queen Physiognomy

Why Anjali Clinic?

  • Our services are delivered with care and a focus on individual cases, ensuring your well-being throughout the process.
  • We provide authentic medications, guaranteeing the highest quality.
  • Our equipment and tools meet industry standards, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.
  • Our specialized doctors are trained in the art of facial contouring according to the principles of Swan Queen Physiognomy, directly under the guidance of Master Chang Tossaporn. We tailor our treatments to your budget, making the swan-like grace of your dreams accessible."

Swan Queen Physiognomy / Thermage FLX / FILLER / Ultherapy SPT / White Aura Cocktail, and various other services are available at exclusive prices at Anjali Clinic. You can send your photos for a free evaluation by our medical professionals. Contact us on Line@: @anjaliclinic (include the @ symbol). Our doctors personally respond to every case.