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Tesslift lifting by specialist doctor of Anjali Clinic

Nowadays, there are numerous safe facelift available. However, if you are seeking the utmost clarity in results, Anjali Clinic recommends “Tesslift”, a latest advancement in facelift procedures.

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Nowadays, there are numerous safe facelift available. However, if you are seeking the utmost clarity in results, Anjali Clinic recommends “Tesslift”, a latest advancement in facelift procedures.

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Tesslift lifting by special doctor of Anjali Clinic

Thread lifting, one of the surgical techniques aimed at addressing facial and neck sagging, has gained significant popularity due to its immediate skin tightening effects, minimal swelling and downtime, and the absence of extensive surgery.

The threads used for lifting the skin come in a wide variety today, with high safety standards. However, for the most precise and clear results in thread lifting, Anjali Clinic recommends "Tesslift", the latest innovation in thread lifting procedures.

Experience the pinnacle of facial tightening efficacy, delivering strikingly clear and enduring results. In this article, Anjali introduces you to a thread type that outshines the rest in terms of natural beauty and long-lasting impact. Let's embark on this journey together and uncover the exceptional.

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What is Tesslift?

Tesslift represents a groundbreaking advancement in facial rejuvenation, meticulously designed to achieve unparalleled firmness and tightness. Unlike conventional thread types, Tesslift combines innovation with the precision of a three-dimensional mesh.

When inserted beneath the skin's surface, Tesslift threads raise and secure fat layers while stimulating collagen production throughout the mesh network. This unique approach maximizes the natural collagen generation process, resulting in long-lasting effects that remain perfectly positioned.

As time passes, Tesslift threads are seamlessly absorbed by the body, leaving no residue behind, ensuring a 100% safety record. It's worth noting that only a select few thread brands in Thailand have received the coveted certification for direct facial lifting procedures.

Experience the future of facial thread lifting with Tesslift at Anjali Clinic – where innovation meets beauty, and excellence reigns supreme. Unlock your timeless allure today.

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Safety Assurance in using Tesslift

This type of thread is designed to biodegrade completely, composed of Polydioxanone (PDO) material. It has received certification from both Thai and Korean regulatory authorities, ensuring a high level of safety. The thread is constructed using a robust material with a dual-layer structure. The outer layer consists of a 360-degree mesh, serving to stimulate collagen production in the dermal layer. The inner layer comprises a sturdy spiral that firmly anchors the thread to the skin, preventing it from shifting away from its intended position. Over time, this design promotes collagen stimulation precisely at the targeted areas, as intended by the specialist doctor.

Tesslift have received specific approval from the Thai FDA for facial lifting, a distinction achieved by only a limited number of thread brands in Thailand. While most threads may gain approval only for the thread material itself, they may not be considered safe for facial applications. At Anjali Clinic, we opt for Tesslift threads for our patients' facial treatments because we are committed to selecting only the best threads available.

Benefit and result of using Tesslift

  • There are no visible scars since it's a non-surgical procedure. Clients experience minimal pain due to the use of anesthesia, and the thread lifting process is relatively quick, typically taking between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on each client.
  • Achieve longer-lasting results with our advanced thread lifting technique, designed to provide effects that can extend beyond 1-2 years, even after the threads have naturally dissolved. Because it effectively promotes superior collagen production for facial skin, surpassing the results achieved by old model.
  • Our innovative thread lifting solution, a new era of safety and strength that excels at stimulating collagen production beneath the facial skin and fosters comprehensive collagen generation, spreading evenly and boasting over 100 times more adhesion strength compared to old model.
  • Delivers superior lifting results because of the added mesh structure, enhancing adhesion and reducing the risk of thread shifting, ensuring a more effective tightening outcome than before.
  • Tesslift effectively addresses skin sagging concerns, providing remarkable tightening and rejuvenation results. It not only enhances facial firmness but contributes to a more youthful appearance as well, delivering the desired outcome you've been looking for.

Lift and Firm Sagging Cheeks for a Defined V-Shaped Face

  • Elevate and Rejuvenate: Lift Corners, Cheek Folds, Nasolabial Lines, Under-Eye, and Define Cheeks
  • Address issues like marionette lines, saggy skin, and laxity.
  • Lift and rejuvenate the jawline, combating sagging.
  • Correct drooping eyelids, helping to lift the brows.
  • Create captivating "Foxy eyes" by lifting the outer corners and adding a sexy allure to your gaze.
  • Refine the nasal area, giving your nose a more prominent and refined appearance while reducing nostril flare.
  • Smooth out prominent cheekbones for a softer and sweeter look, all with the added benefit of a firmer facial contour.

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Does Tesslift lifting hurt, and how long is the recovery period?

During the Tesslift procedure, you will not experience any pain, as local anesthesia is administered to numb sensation. However, you may feel slight tightness during the threading process, and there might be some swelling in the first week following the procedure, although not significantly noticeable. The most pronounced swelling typically occurs within 2-3 days after the procedure and gradually subsides afterward. Some patients may also experience facial tenderness during the initial 1-2 weeks, which can be managed with pain relief medication to alleviate discomfort.

How many Tesslift thread are needed for visible results?

The number of threads used for each patient's facial treatment may vary depending on the specific concerns that need to be addressed. In cases where significant lifting is desired, typically, anywhere from 4 to 12 threads or more are used to achieve the most distinct and satisfying results.

Another critical factor in the effectiveness of our Tesslift thread lifting at Anjali Clinic is the precise technique applied by our skilled professionals. Threads are strategically placed at an appropriate depth, promoting the generation of new skin tissue in all directions. This ensures that the threads adhere effectively to the skin, minimizing discomfort and bruising while delivering the most natural-looking outcomes, setting us apart from other options.

Preparing for Tesslift lifting – What you should know?

  • Please abstain from taking vitamins and supplements for approximately 3-7 days before the procedure.
  • Refrain from medications such as aspirin and NSAIDs for 7 days prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages 1 day before your visit.
  • Additionally, it is essential to inform your medical provider of any medication allergies and medical history prior to each appointment."

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Self-Care Following Tesslift

During the initial 3-7 days following your Tesslift procedure, facial swelling will be minimal due to the gentle tissue impact caused by the threads.

  • Apply cold compresses along the thread lines during the first 3 days.
  • Avoid wetting the thread area, skincare products, and makeup for 2 days.
  • Refrain from vigorous facial movements, massages, or excessive touching for 4 weeks.
  • Abstain from consuming pickled foods, alcohol, and strongly flavored foods for 2 weeks.
  • Follow the medication regimen provided by the clinic diligently.

In the event of any concerns or unusual symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact Anjali Clinic immediately."

Review of Tesslift at Anjali Clinic

Immediate results after Tesslift at Anjali.

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Medical Team at Anjali Clinic

For over 10 years, Anjali Clinic has been at the forefront of thread lifting, led by the renowned physician, Dr. Anchalee Amornrungmeetham or "Dr. Jeab. "She is not only a leading expert in thread lifting but also the first speaker to educate physicians in Thailand on this innovative technique. With unparalleled expertise and experience, Dr. Jeab stands as the foremost authority on thread lifting in Thailand."

Our medical team at Anjali Clinic is exceptionally trained and stays up-to-date with the latest techniques from Dr. Jeab, ensuring expertise in thread lifting. We exclusively choose FDA-approved threads for facial applications, guaranteeing natural and long-lasting results. Your beauty is our commitment, and we're dedicated to delivering the best.

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“Passing on Beauty Expertise with Dr. Anchalee Amornrungmeetham - A Specialist in Facial Enhancement and Anti-Aging Science, and a Mentor to Many Generations of Physicians."

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